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Legends of Our Time

Legends of Our Time, a clan born out of the shared desire for a strong community based on three key pillars:


  • Friendship
  • Conquest
  • Good times


The friendships you will forge within the Clan will last you for years to come, if not a life time. We are brothers and sisters in arms, like a shield wall, we stand strong together, unyielding. We recognize only through team work, and cooperation, will we defeat the challenges that lay ahead.


With a strong focus on PVE progression, we will conquer the hardest content in Destiny, and reap the greatest of rewards. Legends of Our Time is committed to maintaining the most current and up-to-date Raid encounter knowledge and strategies, giving our members the best advantage in their conquest over all raid content.


Our final, and most important pillar, is making sure our clan mates are engaged and having fun above all else. While a raid environment can be frustrating, and challenging, we must never allow this pursuit to leave a fellow guardian feeling unwelcome, overly criticized, or targeted.


Only as a strong community, with a common goal, can we call ourselves:


Legends of Our Time.

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